The Grid Uses Artificial Intelligence To Design Your Websites For You

Artificial intelligence can now take the place of graphic designer and build websites for you automatically. #tech #automation


Designing a good-looking website has never been easy and while many services promise to let you build a site without ever having to touch any code, you quickly reach their limits if you want to have a more advanced site. The Grid, which is launching its crowdfunding campaign today, promises to do away with all of this. Instead of designing your site pixel by pixel yourself, The Grid team wants to use artificial intelligence so design your site based on your content and goals (more followers, more customers, higher sales, etc.).

The service is being developed by Ex-Google AdSense Director of Products Brian Axe and the first Medium designer Leigh Taylor. “We’ve spent the last few years building a form of artificial intelligence that functions like your own personal graphic designer, able to think about your brand and present it in the best way possible,” says The Grid CEO and co-founder Dan…

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Greenhouse gas emissions creep up in the United States

Not good news, but worth reblogging. It’s good if awareness on this issue rises.


Despite all the talk of solar power and renewables in the United States, greenhouse gas emissions rose slightly in 2013, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The growth was driven by the continued dependence on coal by power plants.

The announcement Tuesday that emissions increased by 20 million metric ton or 0.6% over 2012 should give the Obama Administration additional ammunition as it makes the case for its plan to crackdown on coal-fired power plants. To the dismay of big business and Republicans, the Obama Administration is proposing a 30% cut in emission from the power sector from 2005 levels by 2030.

“Climate change, fueled by greenhouse gas pollution, is threatening our health, our economy, and our way of life—increasing our risks from intense extreme weather, air pollution, drought and disease,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “EPA is supporting the President’s Climate Action Plan by providing high-quality greenhouse gas…

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5 Ways You Can Cultivate Gratitude at Work

Article with a positive feel. Though it has nothing to do with humor, it still is worth sharing. #inspiring #gratitude

The Grateful Life


“People want to be appreciated, not impressed. They want to be regarded as human beings, not as mere sounding boards for other people’s egos. They want to be treated as an end in themselves, not as a means toward the gratification of another’s vanity”. —Sydney J. Harris

Imagine if you woke one morning to a text on your smart phone from your boss thanking you with a big “Wow, that was great” for the work you did the day before?

Unfortunately, people are less likely to express gratitude at work than anyplace else, according to a survey of 2,000 Americans released in 2013 by the John Templeton Foundation.

The good news: times are a changing, and increasingly bosses, co-workers and those on the front lines of corporate America are starting to pay attention to the science that tells us grateful people are typically happier people. Being grateful makes us…

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iPhone of the future (funny)

These iPhones are as funny as the new iPhone is overpriced!

Tech and Gadgets Blog

Considering the Apple’s latest release, the fresh iPhone 5, many jokes have emerged on the Internet about the iPhone of the future and how it will look like. I remember the same jokes about the iPad, and even so, it was a huge success. Let’s wait and see the iPhone 5 sales and see if I was right.

The Lightning Connector is the perfect tool to transform 2 future iPhones into a pair of cool Nunchucks. Bruce Lee can play Angry Birds while he’s defeating his enemies on this one.

iPhone 101 is the tallest iPhone in the world. It’s so tall that you can see it from a plane. I wonder how tall is iPhone 102. But, you can still hold it with one hand perfectly, even if you can’t move it anymore.

The difference? I can see the cat’s ears. That’s what I was waiting for…


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The Talking Dead

Travel story you will love: it’s funny and relatable, even if you don’t have a sister. Or if you have one, it’s two times as relatable.

Storytime with John

So for some bizarre reason, two out of three hotels in Italy decided that my sister and I didn’t require two single beds, and that a double would suffice. Perhaps they thought we were a young couple – and she was my 16 year old wife (hmmm…yeah, I doubt that one), or perhaps they didn’t think it was a big deal, or more likely just didn’t give a shit either way so long as I paid them upfront, which I stupidly had. But anyway…with all that said, it actually isn’t such a big deal. Unless you are a massive weirdo with all kinds of strange urges and psychological problems, then lying in a bed and going to sleep with your sibling should be pretty much a carefree scenario.

Naturally, I don’t do carefree scenarios though…so that isn’t actually how this story played out…if only, of only…

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Writing Like a Dog

If you ever thought about writing – or want to get better at it – read this. I think it points out that it is helpful to refrain from over-thinking and instead just write.












Your conscious mind is a point in space moving through your brain like a red blood cell moving through a Labrador retriever as she runs.

Your subconscious mind is the dog herself – the whole animal except for that one red blood cell. At any point in time, nearly your entire brain functions subconsciously where you can’t sense it.

This puts most of your writing talent in the background, unseen and unexplored.

The subconscious mind is not exactly “you,” but it’s pretty close. It’s probably more like the person you would be if you were a Labrador retriever.

It’s a useful metaphor: You carry a Labrador retriever around in your head.

She’s the keeper and processor of all your feelings, your memories and your talents. You might think she’d be as sharp as a tack, but compared to your conscious mind (the actual “you”), she lives in a…

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