Interesting Emmy Noether Facts You Need To Know

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Interesting Emmy Noether Facts
Emmy Noether was a German mathematician who lived from 1882 to 1935. Her academic contemporaries like Albert Einstein, Pavel Alexandrov, and Norbert Wiener described her as one of the most influential women in mathematics. According to the Emmy Noether biography, her scholastic career began at Erlangen University where her father was a professor. She initially wanted to teach English and French. However, she changed her field of studies to mathematics soon after enrolling in the university.

Another one of the interesting Emmy Noether facts is that she spent seven years lecturing at the university without pay. The university did not approve of her lecturing at the institution. She had to teach classes under the name of one of her male counterparts. She finished, presented, and defended her dissertation in 1907. Her career teaching mathematics at the university level began officially in 1919 when she was finally approved for a teaching position under her own name.

As is reflected in her official biography, she studied and taught during a time when women were typically shunned in the world of academia. She endured and overcame stereotypes and obstacles that prevented many women with the same level of intelligence from prevailing in”

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