10 Cool Facts About Taylor Kitsch Acting Roles

Here are some cool facts about Tim Riggins Actor Taylor Kitsch. You may know him from Friday Night Lights TV series in which he played high school football hero Tim Riggins. If you saw him in that role, you sure know that he is a talented actor capable of great emotion who always gives his best in every scene.

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1. In the mid-2000s, good-looking Kitsch finally got his acting break after some large success in modeling and he began to appear in a number of cult favorite films and TV series.

2. Before gaining fame for playing Tim Riggins, the first of Taylor Kitsch movies and TV shows was his debut as Justin in the 2006 film John Tucker Must Die. He plays a comedic cameo role where he falls for the main character’s mom played by Jenny McCarthy. A familiar womanizing theme?

3. Kitsch was also in Snakes on a Plane, The Covenant, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

4. Kitsch’s portrayal of the title role in John Carter is often cited as a Riggins reprisal through it’s use of Kitsch’s athletic appeal and ability to create a good tragic look.

5. The real-life hero Michael P. Murphy was played by Kitsch in 2013’s Lone Survivor. A natural fit for the former Riggins’ actor, Murphy is extensively physical and dedicated to his team, but of soldiers.

6. In the 2012 film Battleship Kitsch plays another Riggins-like character, playing with themes of womanizing, alcoholism, and flirting with disaster.

7. Kitsch returned as Bruce Niles in the television movie Then Normal Heart. Once again, the character holds tragic overtones of loss and struggle like Riggins, and even includes some football scenes on a beach.

8. In the 2012 film Savages, Kitcsh plays yet another womanizer who flirts with danger and disaster as the pot grower Chon.

9. As Paul Woodraugh in True Detective, Kitsch delivers perhaps his most grown-up performance of a broken and disaster-prone character.

10. Unlike other Kitsch characters, Woodraugh carries deep, visible physical scars of his difficult past.

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